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Free standard shipping when you purchase two or more bottles of ClearSynergy® Acne Treatment.
Free standard shipping when you purchase two or more bottles of ClearSynergy®.

Confidence Through Testing, Our HRIPT Testing, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series on testing, we discussed the Clinical Study, its results, and conclusions – that ClearSynergy® is the most effective acne treatment available.


  • Significantly reduced inflammatory acne (red, swollen, and sore pimples)
  • Reduced all types of acne, including blackheads, 100% more than other products
  • Caused zero side effects, including burning, itching, and stinging
  • Reduced redness (erythema) by 21% while the other products increased redness
  • Measurably increased skin hydration while the other products measurably dried skin
  • Reduced oils into the healthy range – not too much and not too little – leaving skin feeling healthy

We also ran a second test, described below, to prove that ClearSynergy® is the safest acne treatment available.

HRIPT Testing

The Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT) is a study of skin irritation and sensitization.  It is a critical test to run on any consumer product that will touch your skin to ensure that there are no adverse reactions.

In our study1, each participant had ClearSynergy® applied to their skin by a laboratory technician eleven times over two weeks under a closed patch.  This is a very intense application of the product to the skin based on the amount of the product, the size of the patch, and the duration and frequency of exposure.

Each study participant also acted as their own control and underwent two more rounds of exposure:  one time with deionized water and the other with a 1% sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) solution.

Note:  The deionized water and SLS were used strictly to assess each participant’s skin response when not using ClearSynergy®.  ClearSynergy® does contain deionized water, but it does not contain SLS.

Initially, the competitor products from the clinical study were included in this study.  However, the study participants immediately started showing adverse skin reactions, so we removed them from this test and continued only with ClearSynergy®.

As with the clinical study, this HRIPT study was run using the gold standard of testing – randomized and double-blind – and the dermatologist overseeing the study was board certified.2

HRIPT Study Results

ClearSynergy results for HRIPT testing.  Shows no sign of irritation or sensitization. 

The nine Induction columns show all 0’s for all participants.  A score of 1 or greater would mean the presence of irritation or erythema (redness).  ClearSynergy® received all 0’s which means no reaction at all, for all 55 subjects.

The two Challenge columns show sensitization, which is the process by which you become sensitive to and allergic to a substance after repeated exposure.  In this case, again, a score of 0 means that no study participants developed an allergy or sensitivity to ClearSynergy®, for all 55 subjects.

HRIPT Conclusions

At the conclusion of this study, a final observation was that “No adverse reactions of any kind were reported during the course of this study”.  This sounds simple, but it is quite meaningful for acne sufferers.

All zeros for Induction mean that no one developed any irritation or redness at all because of intensive exposure to ClearSynergy®.  As a result, you can use as much of ClearSynergy® and as often as you need without worry about damage to your skin.

All zeros for Challenge mean that no one developed any sensitivity to, not even the most minimal amount, or allergy to ClearSynergy®.  This makes ClearSynergy® hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

Note:  Describing a product as hypoallergenic is not regulated by the FDA, so many skin care products claim it without evidence.  In our case, we actually have the testing and data to back up the claim. This is unique for an acne treatment that actually works.


1 “50-Subject Human Repeat Insult Patch Test For Skin Irritation and Skin Sensitization Evaluation”, BioScreen Testing Services Study Number 22-507A May 2022.

2 Current and active board certification as an International Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology since 1990.

Final Conclusions

We committed to the gold standard of testing – randomized and double-blind – and to board-certified dermatologist led studies to provide us with an accurate understanding of ClearSynergy® compared to its competitors.

The Clinical Study quantified how effective ClearSynergy® is on your skin:  it provides significant relief from inflammatory acne and relief from all other types of acne, with zero side effects, reduced redness, improved hydration, and reduced oils.

The HRIPT Study quantified how gentle ClearSynergy® is on your skin.  There were no adverse skin reactions, and no study participants experienced sensitization throughout the study.  With that, ClearSynergy® is safe for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic.

With these results, we can confidently say that ClearSynergy® is the most effective and gentle acne treatment available.  Use it as often and as much as you need with complete confidence.

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