Clinically Proven vs. Proactiv+, Differin Gel and Neutrogena RapidClear

ClearSynergy® is the ONLY product clinically proven to reduce acne without downtime caused by side effects. Rigorous testing showed the difference vs. the leading adapalene, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid brands.

Goodbye irritation, hello clear and healthy skin! 

In just 4 weeks or less!

*Based on a recent board certified dermatologist-led clinical study under randomized and double-blind conditions

One Step

ClearSynergy® goes on in seconds, anytime and anywhere.  Just pump onto your hands and apply.  

The only irritation-free, on-the-go acne solution.  

Safe for frequent daily use.

Unprecedented Performance

Tested directly against the biggest acne brands.  

Only ClearSynergy® significantly reduced inflammatory acne and reduced acne 100% more than leading brands

Only ClearSynergy® also calmed redness, hydrated skin and regulated oil into the healthy range in one easy step. ClearSynergy® matches the healthy pH of your skin and stays effective for hours.

How do the ingredients work together?

Salicylic Acid loosens blackheads and reduces oil in the top 2 skin layers, allowing ClearSynergy® to get to acne-causing bacteria.

We have the shortest ingredient list in the industry.  Just six ingredients including organic acids team up to kill 99.9999% of acne causing bacteria.

Killing acne causing bacteria stops it from releasing fatty acids that drive redness and inflammation—breaking the acne cycle where it starts.  ClearSynergy® kills 99.9999% of acne-causing bacteria by tearing open bacteria membranes and attacking their vital components.

Sodium PCA moisturizes the skin naturally, without introducing oil or trapping it in pores where the acne cycle could restart.

The end result?  Significantly less inflammatory acne, 100% greater acne reduction than leading brands, hydrated skin and oil in the healthy range. In just 4 weeks or less compared to 8-12+ weeks to possibly see benefit from the market leading brands. 

  • Instructions

    Place 1-2 pumps of ClearSynergy® onto your hand and gently apply to wherever you have acne.

    There is no need to wash your face, remove makeup, or exfoliate.  You can use it with makeup and/or sunscreen, over or under.

    Female hands dispensing foam acne treatment at office desk
  • Use anytime, anywhere

    More than 90% of users say that ClearSynergy® is very easy to use.  It keeps working for up to 8 hours after it is applied. Use ClearSynergy® at least 3 times per day.  It is clinically proven to be great for sensitive skin and irritation-free. 

    Young woman applying treatment of ClearSynergy™ Acne at club
  • The solution is clear

    90% of users report seeing improvement within 1 week.  In board certified dermatologist-led clinical testing, acne was reduced 100% more than market leaders in 4 weeks or less.  Results are typically seen in 4 weeks or less, instead of the 8-12 weeks or more required for other brands to possibly show effectiveness.