ClearSynergy® is the only scientifically proven acne treatment that is safe, effective, and easy to use

Two key questions for any acne treatment...


“Significantly” means scientifically proven test results showing reduced acne from a randomized, double-blind study that stands up under statistical analysis with unbiased results.


"Healthy" means scientifically proven test results showing no side effects of redness, dryness, flakiness, burning, itching, stinging, or sensitization (aka allergic response).

Only ClearSynergy® is yes to both questions

  • Yes — ClearSynergy® significantly reduces acne, especially inflammatory acne (those red painful zits that hurt), but reduces all acne types.

  • Yes — ClearSynergy® is non-irritating, non-sensitizing (aka hypoallergenic), and has no side effects.

  • ClearSynergy® participated in a randomized, double blind independent clinical study that was led by a board certified dermatologist to compare adapalene (Differin® Gel), benzoyl peroxide (Proactiv+®), and salicylic acid (Neutrogena® RapidClear®) to ClearSynergy®.

  • ClearSynergy® submitted to a randomized, double-blind Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing (HRIPT) protocol and is the only treatment to show no irritation and sensitization. As a result, we have clear proof that ClearSynergy® is completely safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is hypoallergenic.

  • How to use ClearSynergy®

    ClearSynergy® is unlike any other acne treatment.

    It's a lightweight foam that absorbs quickly and completely into your skin.

    Pump ClearSynergy® once or twice onto your hand and apply liberally and as often as you like.

    There is no need to wash your face, remove makeup, or exfoliate.  You can use it with makeup and sunscreen, over or under.

    It's quick and easy and can be used on the go.

  • Customize how often you use ClearSynergy® to how your skin is behaving

    If your skin is actively broken out, you can apply ClearSynergy® three or more times throughout the day

    As your skin improves, use 1-2 times per day or more as needed to keep your skin clear and prevent future acne breakouts.

    No matter how often you use it, you won't experience any itchiness, redness, flaking, or irritation.

  • From our customers...

    ”I love how quick and easy it is to use on the go.” - Jazlynn B.

    "I like how it feels, and it really worked well on all of my small acne bumps." - Faith P.

    "It's easy to put on, and it disappears right away. I like to use it a lot at school." - Catherine M.

    "After I used it for a while it really cleared up my skin, even during the pandemic." - Ryan R.

Student Athlete Journey

A ClearSynergy® success story


”I use it after I shave to start my day. The little microcuts just heal away and it feels nice and fresh. We love the product and carry it in our salon to recommend to our clients.”

I just use ClearSynergy all day when my skin needs a refresh. I can’t do without it anymore now that I am used to having it.

”My aesthetician recommended ClearSynergy. It’s so new that I just trusted her and put it on my breakoutsThey quickly go away now, and my skin feels really healthy. It’s actually a big surprise, but I like it.”

“It cleared up our son’s face for prom! And he could put it on after crew practice.”

“I have no idea why this is so different from other acne products we’ve tried, but it really has helped our entire family a lot, and there’s less different products around in the house now.”

“I swear by this stuff now. As a professional model I break out a lot when I do a photo shoot. ClearSynergy really helps prevent those breakouts in the first place, and gets rid of them quickly without burning my skin when they happen anyway.”