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Free standard shipping when you purchase two or more bottles of ClearSynergy® Acne Treatment.
Free standard shipping when you purchase two or more bottles of ClearSynergy®.

About Us

From our founder and CEO, Michael P. Lynch, PhD/MBA

Having had severe acne as a teen and young adult, I tried anything and everything that claimed to reduce acne, whether it was safe or not. I was in an Accutane trial during college, but had to drop out because the side effects were too much. Nothing else worked at all, and it was all expensive. I even tried putting rubbing alcohol on my face because it would reduce acne immediately, for a little while, until it totally dried out and irritated my skin and I had to stop.

I was desperate, like so many people who are acne prone. When we formulated ClearSynergy®, we wanted a product that is more effective and gentler on the skin compared to the most popular products. These "popular" products use the max amounts of benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or adapalene allowed by the FDA. But industry insiders know using that much of those ingredients will definitely cause irritation, dryness, and other side effects.

ClearSynergy® is a brand new chemistry.  To prove that it is more effective and gentler on the skin, we ran board-certified dermatologist led, randomized, double-blind clinical and HRIPT testing -- way more testing than anyone else. The results were amazing, and now we have the proof and can say with 100% confidence that ClearSynergy® is the most effective and gentle acne treatment available today.

If you have any questions, please contact us.