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Free standard shipping when you purchase two or more bottles of ClearSynergy® Acne Treatment.
Free standard shipping when you purchase two or more bottles of ClearSynergy®.

ClearSynergy Blog

  • Confidence Through Testing, Our HRIPT Testing, Part 2

    ClearSynergy icon dermatologist testedIn Part 1 of this series on testing, we discussed the Clinical Study, its results, and conclusions – that ClearSynergy® is the most effective acne treatment available.  In this blog post, we discuss HRIPT testing and the results that show ClearSynergy® is non-irritating, safe for sensitive skin, and hypoallergenic.

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  • Our Ingredients

    ClearSynergy icon all skin typesClearSynergy® is not just about any one ingredient.  Instead, it’s about all six ingredients working together, synergistically, to reduce and prevent acne. 
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  • How Does ClearSynergy® Work?

    ClearSynergy icon hydrate and moisturize ClearSynergy's chemistry works differently than any other acne treatment. Instead of delivering high doses of harsh ingredients, ClearSynergy precisely combines low doses of ingredients in a formulation scientifically designed to work without damage to your skin.
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  • Why is 99.9999% Important?

    ClearSynergy icon reduce acne"Why should I care about a difference of 99% vs. 99.9999% when discussing acne treatments and how well they kill acne-causing bacteria???"

    Quite simply because our 99.9999% is 10,000 times more effective at eliminating bacteria and keeping acne away than, say, a benzoyl peroxide product that is 99% effective.

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