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Free standard shipping when you purchase two or more bottles of ClearSynergy® Acne Treatment.
Free standard shipping when you purchase two or more bottles of ClearSynergy®.

Help! ClearSynergy® Isn’t Working!

What if you find that ClearSynergy® isn’t improving your acne or skin health?

The good news is that you can safely and simply...just use more!

We know from our HRIPT testing that ClearSynergy® is completely safe on your skin.  It’s safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and it’s also hypoallergenic.

Additionally, the foam allows us to deliver a minimum amount of ingredients for maximum improvement to your acne and skin health. 

So, if you’re just using a little dab on your pimples here and there on your face, then go ahead and fill your palm with ClearSynergy® and spread it across your entire face.  The foam will disappear in seconds.

If you’re only using it once a day, then consider using it multiple times every day – as many times as you need.

Use it in the morning after your shower and in the evening before bedtime.  You don’t have to worry that ClearSynergy® will bleach your towels, clothes, or bedding, and you’ll get in hours of work on your skin throughout the day and overnight while you sleep.

You can also use ClearSynergy® repeatedly during the day as well.  Keep it in your car, purse, backpack, gym bag, office desk, or anywhere you can take a moment to apply it to your face.  You don’t need water, wash cloths, cotton pads, or anything else other than your bottle of ClearSynergy®.



  • ClearSynergy® is safe to leave on your hands – it’s cleansing, hydrating, and anti-microbial properties work just as well on your hands as on your face.
  • ClearSynergy® stays resident and active in the pH environment of the outer layers of your skin. If your face gets sweaty and you wipe it with a towel or you rinse and wash your face, then you will need to reapply ClearSynergy®.
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